Simon Georg

Visionary, Founder and Owner of Blessed

Simon Georg

Simon Georg is the founder and managing director of the clothing and lifestyle brand «blessed». He used to play beach volleyball professionally, was junior Swiss champion, today he creates fashion and is a missionary in a Christian organization.

He consciously built his company on basic Christian values, attaches great importance to fair trade in production and trade and, through Blessed, finances social projects in particular the aid organization he founded himself, the Blessed Foundation.

The brand name "blessed" refers to the Christian background of the brand and means blessed.


"I love uniting the kingdom of God and entrepreneurial thinking and not only thinking about good ideas, but actually implementing them."

Simon Georg

Clothing Brand

Starting with the first T-shirts that he printed himself in the children's room, his passion for branded clothing continued to develop until the Blessed brand was created in 2006.


On Simon's first visit to Bangladesh, he met the Roy couple, persecuted Christians who wanted to build a school and church. The vision of what is now an aid organization quickly emerged.

To the charity

WODUG – Logo Design Agency

As a trained polygraph (media designer), Simon has a heart for beauty and has always been a fan of stylish logos. He not only made the Blessed logo himself, but also likes to design for other companies.

Have a logo designed

What Simon is doing today...

Simon only works one day a week voluntarily and without pay for Blessed and has decided on a missionary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Europe has increasingly become a spiritual desert in recent decades. His vision is that Christians in Europe get a new and deeper understanding of prayer and that they can see and experience the power of prayer. After 10 months of training as a prayer leader in the prayer house in Augsburg DE, he and his wife Sarah decided to pursue a missionary lifestyle and live on donations. He has been a prayer house missionary since 2019 and brings his energy and love for the visionary and pioneering to the prayer house in Augsburg.

Visioning & Dreaming

Head of service areas

Prayer leader

Simon believes that the prayer house will become a spiritual hotspot in the years to come that will have a lasting impact on Europe.

If you want to support him or learn more about his ministry, visit his website or message him right here:

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